Vincent Krennerich - Flugträume

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

In a year full of ups and downs with many people feeling locked up at home from the covid-19 pandemic, 21-year-old composer and songwriter Vincent Krennerich based on Germany has blessed the masses with a his new single "Flugträume" (english: "dreams of flying"). The song was created to represent the feeling of freedom and calmness, which is a feeling most can resonate with wanting to feel during these hard times.

Vincent put together a masterful piece of work in the record showcasing the elite talent level he possess. The track features pure and clean piano play from start to finish. There is no repetitive loops like most do in this day and age. The professional display of piano layered with a synth provides a truly peaceful atmosphere you find yourself escaped within.

I like the transitions between strait piano play and the synth coming in and out at just the right places. A lot of music in today's world, everyone seems the need to add as much as possible to a track and make it complex as possible to feel as if the more they add, the more professional it becomes. Vincent shows us here that sometimes, less is more. Vincent shines with this single by letting the strong play on the piano carry the record and flash the professionalism he holds on the keys.

As a composure and songwriter that has shown to have elite skill level and creativity, we look forward to more from Vincent Krennerich in the future!

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