VaughanTego - Shoot Shots Forever

As a native to Detroit, artist VaughanTego grew up in the golden age of hip hop when Eminem was huge, Dilla was pushing the limits on sound, and the scene as a whole had an overflow of talent coming up. As a part of the underground scene, VaughanTego was apart of the group Athletic Mic League, signed on a deal with Barak Record, that had them joining a legendary roster of Slum Village, Black Milk, and Phat Kat. As a group that went on to release a number of classic records and VaughanTego himself personally producing records for Detroit all-time greats such as Guilty Simpson, One Be Lo, Finale, Invincible, Miz Korona, Marv Won, Ro Spit and more. The early days for VaughanTego helped build a strong foundation to build off and become the artist he is today.

With an appreciation for new sounds, genres, and breaking the norm, VaughanTego looks to push the boundaries on the general expectations of music. With the utilization of chopping samples, EDM arrangements, future bass drops, and soulful vocals, VaughanTego used this unique blending of skills and style to create his new EP, Shoot Shots Forever.

Shoot Shots Forever holds significance to VaughanTego in the aspect of a personal reminder to take more chances, aim higher, and to not fear failure in the public eye. The project as a whole features a beautiful blend of different sounds and music styles, that it would almost be offensive to staple this project in one genre.

The project begins with a elegantly slow track “Break Rules Make Vibes” that gives me a feel akin to Frank Ocean. VaughanTego brings listeners into the project with a slow roll out on this record that allows the listener to feel out VaughanTego’s voice and talent. I found this record to be a perfect intro into the project as it wasn’t overly aggressive and eases you in.

The project then proceeds through a serious of highs and lows in terms of the energy level. In two of the tracks “HighTop Faded” and “Petty Wop”, you get a mix of more energy yet both different tracks in their own sense. “High Top Fade” is smooth blend of maybe pop and EDM in a sense with the use of samples and sound mixed with the vocal presence provided. I found this record to be very creative and genius in terms of the creation. The vocals are bright and vibrant with energetic use of samples. “Petty Wop” provides its own uniqueness with the production as well with a nice utilization of female vocals on the record. The vocals are fitting, but really, the production carries this track from front to back with constant change in the beat and the adding and taking away of sounds, constantly bringing new variables.

The two remaining tracks “Was You” and “You Better” are two smooth tracks that bring a consistent energy that are mellow and easy to vibe with. “Was You” has VaughanTego once again showcasing his outstanding vocals skills from beginning to end. The back up vocals on it provide a lift of air in the background. The soulful singing mixed with more EDM type sampling provides a level of excitement to the ears. The project ends with “You Better”, a vastly different track from the others, as VaughanTego gets a little deeper in his bag with the utilization of more of lower pitched vocals, but flows and fits perfectly to the record. VaughanTego really shines in this project from front to back showing his vast array of skills and talent at his disposal in each record.

With his sights set of achieving a Grammy nomination, VaughanTego has big aspirations to achieve, but has an equally strong portfolio to back his name up and prepare him for this moment.


You can find VaughnTego's EP Shoot Shots Forever on SoundCloud and BandCamp with the links below:



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