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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Amit Nagra p.k.a. AlterEgo started producing music at the age of 14 years old when a guest speaker came into his high school and introduced the world of music production. Graduating as sound engineer and music producer from The Remix Project, a Toronto based urban talent incubator, built the foundation of what has now been 15 years as a producer. With his own recording studio in hand, AlterEgo has been recording and producing hits with a long roster of artist's he has worked with.

Over the span of his 15 year career thus far, AlterEgo has worked with artists and on projects as diverse as Nodis, Baer, JAGMAC, Jessie Reyez, Demi Lovato, Dave East, Gashi, Nipsey Hussle, Mario, Lucky Daye, Thutmouse, Cody Simpson, Luh Kel, Matthew Grant, Sirah, Haley Smalls, Quincy and MANN. Outside of directly working with aritsts on projects, AlterEgo has also collaborated with talented songwriters and producers such as Whitney Phillips, Faangs, Carmen Reece, Yonathan, Avedon, Megaman, Nimz, Mika Means, Jaden Michaels and Watch The Duck.

Now signed to a publishing deal with the independent publishing company CTM (operating in the US through Concord Music), AlterEgo has been working closely with Dutch producer Avedon who you have likely have heard music produced for Chris Brown, Russ, Trippie Redd, Fat Joe, and ASAP Ferg.

Although name dropping may seem like a quick way to catch the eye of fans, it is truly the work that has been put in by AlterEgo over the years in his work. The beats he produces are crisp, clear, and professionally done. The production goes deeper than just knowing how to put a kick and snare together properly. The engineering to get a crisp hard kick is on point. The 808's hit good with some nice distortion on some beats. The melodies are catchy and easy to flow on. While some beats fit the mold of standard hip hop and pop in today's age, there are plenty pieces of work that dip the toe into experimental sounds, pushing the envelope of what is "standard". In a world that is currently saturated with producers and artists, AlterEgo is separating himself from that crowd with a dedicated work ethic and unmatched skills. The most admirable part is the organic and blue collar work ethic to slowly chip away and take the next steps. With so much success to date that continues to grow, AlterEgo is primed for a breakout as an even bigger producer in the near future.


As a producer with so much intrigue, we took some time to talk to AlterEgo personally for an interview.

Q: When and what had inspired you to get into becoming a producer?

A: when I was younger. music was always prevalent in my household, my father was a musician in band so I got exposed to music very early in childhood, growing up I would always make beats on pots and pans or a counter top, basically anything I could make beats on, it wasn't until high school that I found out about music production and what it was, in my mind I always thought the music I would hear on radio was all live played, I had no idea that music production was a thing and that you could make beats on a program on a computer. As soon as I found that out I downloaded my first music production software and started making beats and never looked back.

Q: What was your process to learn and become the producer you are today?

A: my process has always been to study and learn as much as I can always. I would learn production techniques from other producers who would be willing to show me how they create music, I would watch endless youtube videos with tutorials about music creation, I would listen to chart topping songs and study major super producers like Timbaland and analyze how they would create their sound, its an endless Learning curve to becoming a producer, I'm still learning things everyday

Q: The music you have produced is very diverse with variations in style, are there any producers you study to help your sound and skill grow?

A: For sure! Ive studied pretty much every producer in every genre to help my sound and skill grow. There are so many insanely talented producers out there and I've studied as many successful producers as I can because there's never not enough knowledge you can gain as a producer.

Q: You work closely with Dutch producer Avedon, how has that relationship helped you professionally?

A: Working with Avedon has helped me immensely, [m located in Toronto and I don't have that many connections in the industry so to have someone like Avedon who is a super producer validate my work and actively use production ideas I send to him from Toronto and make music out of it with the artists he work with has progressed my career a lot further than I could have on my own. This entire industry is all about collaborative effort and to be working with Avedon is a dream come true!


Interested in checking out some of AlterEgo's productions?

You can go to his website directly at: https://www.alteregobeats.com

You can follow him on Instagram at: www.instagram.com/beatsbyalterego


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