Raymond Revel - Rolling Green Hills

We always love when we find an artist that brings a unique sound and style to a track. But finding an artist we are equally impressed by on multiple releases, is an even more difficult task. In this instance, lightning has struck twice, as Raymond Revel whom we have previously covered on here is dropping a new release that is hard pressed to not be impressed by.

Raymond Revel is dropping his new single “Rolling Green Hills” that provides a purely unique listening experience for each person that will be the next new single to add to your playlists. With a Celtic inspired sound to it, Raymond taps into a pocket that not many artists are daring enough to explore. Raymond took this experimental risk and made it look like a simple easy task to accomplish with his professional display of artist skill on this record. This creative piece of sound was not a random piece of luck. From playing piano since the age of 5 and writing music from the age of 10 years old, Raymond has been built for this moment.

Although Raymond has eye popping name on his resume such as doing backup vocals for Demi Lovato, Pharrell, and Little Big Town, Raymond is paving a lane of his own with his name at the forefront. Being surrounded by other powerful and creative artists only helps churn that creative energy for yourself, and Raymond puts that on full display with this track. With an accumulation of over 300,000 plays building up on some of Raymond’s track, Raymond’s own creative endeavors are getting the chance to shine. The spotlight is moving on you Raymond, and we are here for the show.

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