Trippy Ki - "Smell Me" Single & Interview

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

As the year is wrapping up, we have been dialing in on some hot tracks that bring unique creativity to their sound. The latest track that has come on our radar is by Trippy Ki titled “Smell Me”, releasing January 5th. The track contains genre blending sounds and style that provides a special listening experience. This track has the rare ability to be dynamic enough to fit multiple moods and settings.

The track features a very melodic and moody sample that gives you mellow vibes to begin. As the track picks up and begins to evolve, Trippy Ki comes in boasting unique vocals that provide a stunning dynamic to the overall track. The vocals have multiple layers with different sounds that provide a strong mix. Trippy puts a catchy hook that gives the record an extra bounce, making good to bump in the car to get the energy going.

With a unique combination of the mellow energy with sobering yet powerful vocals, this track can easily be played while chilling, hanging out or out with friends for the night. No matter the environment, the energy will connect to the sound of this track. It takes a unique craftiness to make a track with such dynamics, and Trippy Ki made sure to show out.

After hearing this single, we wanted to hear more personally from Trippy Ki on the creation of this track along with finding out what we can expect in the future from him as an artist and how he has coped with COVID-19 as an artist. Check it out below and make sure to run up "Smell Me" on January 5th.

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