Tribal Seeds - Live: The 2020 Sessions

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have found ourselves at more than usual along with more free time to work on other things in life. There have been many creatives who have utilized this new flexibility to indulge into their creative world a bit more. Tribal Seeds made use of their time during a peak period of the pandemic to put together a special project. Within a 3 day period, the band worked endlessly putting together a Live recorded audio and visual experience to share with fans.

The project titled “Live: The 2020 Sessions”, is a 14-song project that puts on full display the unique sound that Tribal Seeds has created over time. Known for their spiritually charged sound and refreshing rock vibe, the energy on this project will resonate well with old and new listeners. With top notch recording quality, pure and clean vocals, and powerful performances on each instrument, each track is put together with precision. What brings this project to a new level is capturing a live performance soundscape with a recording studio quality. This combination gives the listener a real connection the music itself.

Boasting such a strong project should come as no surprise for the award winning band that has enough accomplishments that speak for themselves. But Tribal Seeds continues to show they can take things to a new level and further impress listeners with each release. With a strong project such as this, listeners can only begin to imagine what could come next.

Live Performance:

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