Trevah - "Tell Me"

No bar wasted. Trevah new single “Tell Me” is masterful example of lyricism and with classic hip-hop flows and melodies, he is here to paint his story. 

The Ottawa, Canada native uses the beat as his canvas as he tells his story of pain and the ability to overcome. The sample in the beat contrasts well with Trevah's content and subject matter. The two work off each other like yin and yang however, who is who is constantly changes. 

What Trevah lacks in engineering quality he makes up for in writing. The chorus truly sounds better rough around the edges as opposed to a more polished product. Some music is just like that. The record reminds me of Earl Sweatshirt's “Some Rap Songs” which in my opinion is his best work. 

Standout moment: The end of the second verse leading into the bridge and the hook is perfect of example of the rough aesthetic of the song capturing the listeners attention. 

Reasons to Listen: Trevah music is an open book to this thoughts. If your'e looking for an honest music listening experience this is an artist to listen to. He discreetly slides in lines like "I'm rocking all designer now" but it's evident he is on the side of the people. 

Stream Trevah's new single "Tell Me" on apple music and all major platforms now. 





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