The Vespertine Kind - Crossroads

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

As summer is winding now, and all of the high energy party tracks are starting to end their run, in comes the time of year for the soothing melodic flows, The Vespertine Kind brings a whole new element and feeling to it that is contrasting in comparison to the high energy summer songs, and we are HERE FOR IT.

On this single, The Vespertine Kind shines in showing the variety of style and taste he can bring and mix together to a track with consistency. In “Crossroads”, we are provided a mellow experimental twist to the track. The beat is prominent with a combination of smooth and soothing string play provided. The different riffs bouncing in and out leave you on your toes of what is next. In a way, it is simple yet complex in the right sense. There is plenty of breathing and movement within the universe of this track.

What really takes this record to the next level is the vocal performance. The vocals constant in the providing the right tone and energy from start to finish. The notes are firm and crisp with a constant flow floating throughout. An airy vocal presence is in there that bring the vocals up another notch.

The creative ability put on together throughout the track really is what stole the show and made this a top-notch track. Some may listen and just enjoy the elegant simplicity that works. But this is not as simple as the ears can fool you to thinking. The experimental blend of style and sounds from different genres like folk, blues, and rock does not go unnoticed. All very subtly combined, that is truly a pleasurable music experience.


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