The Headliner Band - Please Don't Go (feat. Big Saxy)

In 2019 “a conglomerate of music lovers” was formed in Atlanta by keyboardist Eric Tolliver, drummer and percussionist Jordyn Perry, and bassist John “JBass” Long to create The Headliner Band.

In the style of neo-soul and jazz they were created as a recording artist band similar to The Roots, the Beatles, and The Randy Watson Experience.

The band was later joined by drummer Eric “smooth” Rose after his talents were observed at a drum competition and saxophone player Charles ”big saxy” Robinson through Smooth.

The collective talent of The Headliner Band shows to the world what happens when you put brilliant minds, remarkable talent, and strong chemistry together in their single "Please Don't Go".

The pure ability of craftsmanship is put on full display with every note. The instrumental play is smooth, yet crisp throughout. The vocals are light, but yet contain levels of depth. The vocals themselves are so pure and clean, it gives this record immediate replay value.

The tones and highlights that the instrumental play provide is masterfully done with top not performances that glide from start to finish.

The overall performance is captivating and brilliant that pulls you in from the beginning and keeps you there until the end. This track is a beautiful crafted art piece to the ears. The only thing I need next from this record is to hear it live. Check out the track yourself, you will not be let down.


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