The ATif Band - Cuts & Bruises

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

The ATif Band has released their new project "Cuts & Bruises" full of remastered and remixed dubstep tracks. For anyone new to The ATif Band, the project is full of fun and funky tracks easy for anyone to jam to that will make you want to check out the original tracks.

Based out of New York, The ATif, working on music since a young age first chose the keyboard as his weapon of artistic creation. Captivated by the likes of Robert Plant and Michael Jackson at an early age, you can hear the influential sound in his tracks with an up tempo groovy energy. Releasing his first full studio project alongside a top level industry name such as Universal Music, shows the raw talent and skill possessed by the artist.

Raw skill and talent can only take you so far, the ATif has put in the long hours and work into his music to master his craft. Every note and tone is perfectly done to provide an effortless experience for the listener. With "Cuts & Bruises" The ATif is showing he has sharpened his skill to a sharp point, and at the top of his game.


You can find the ATif at:


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