Terry Blade - Misery

"Misery", not the project we want, but the project we need from Terry Blade

Independent Chicago artist Terry Blade’s newest E.P is a gripping soul reflecting project. This project is exactly the aesthetic Blade appears to be giving off from the name to the cover art. The titled “Misery” and cover art provides a loathing mood and sets the tone for the listeners. 

The intro track for this E.P, “Unloveable” is the perfect tone setter for the project. It allows listeners to know exactly what they are getting into. From a marketing standpoint, it is a solid idea, considering that if listeners buy into the initial tone, they are likely to enjoy the rest of the music. While morbid and dark, the hook is still very relatable and has a calming rhythm.

“Tell me who’s gonna love me like this, soul in constant crisis,” sticks with you well after the song is over. 

Blade’s distinct voice is one the first things that stands out to listeners. With influences that range from Anthony Hamilton, Radiohead and Tracy Chapman, it’s evident how Blade wants his voice to resonate. It has a certain presence that is a bit mentally straining because the tone of his voice and song concepts require a certain attention and focus from the reader. Although not one of his noted influences, conceptual Kid Cudi comes to mind as well.

While Blade’s voice may not be quite yet at the peak of its potential, he knows how to utilize what he has more than most. You can hear the control he has in songs like “The Broken”. Being an independent artist, I would assume he executive produced the project himself and selected his own beats. If that’s the case, he should continue to do so because everything on this E.P seems natural.

Standout track - “The Other Side”: I think this song is really the perfect example of all Terry Blade’s skillsets combined with the message he is trying to convey. All of this is happening while also making the most listener-friendly song. “Unloveable” is a close second but I think the abstract title and the way the verses build up to this discovery of why the song is called “The Other Side” makes it an overall more interesting listen.

Reasons To Listen: Terry Blade’s writing is top tier. The way he writes songs allows the listener to view situations that have been spoken about before, but from a completely new perspective. His vocal control and tone setting also are one of his greatest strengths, and that is a skillset that is hard to come by.

Stream Terry Blade’s new project “Misery”, May 8.


Want more on Terry Blade? You can find him at:

Website: www.terryblademusic.com

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/terryblade

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjH_314fDrZJt76i0UlTVYQ

Drooble: https://drooble.com/terry.blade


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