"Successful" - Fadetheblackk ft. B*Star & James Scott

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Fresh off of the release of "Cold World" by Fadetheblackk & B*Star, the two returned for another collaboration in the track "Successful". This track features a solid beat produced by The Cratez. The beat consist of a classic boom bap drum pattern with a smooth and soothing piano rolling throughout with a mixture of singing samples coming in and out throughout the track. Each artist's verse is sending a message about the lengths people go to for success in life and this self sacrifice that is involved. Fadetheblackk goes in about the self compromise others can make to fit in the box of what they think is required to succeed. This is a theme all to common in the music industry of artist trying to fit in the square of what is successful instead of being themselves. B*Star comes in on the second verse sending a message about people living a life that they are really not about and being someone they are not. The overall theme of this track is too relevant in today's world of flexing on social media being a common occurrence. As the hook suggest, "Ain't no time to waste", go out and get yours, as you, your way.

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Fadetheblackk is a hip-hop artist and engineer, who is currently based out of New York, NY. In 2018, Fadetheblackk teamed up with Warner Music Group as part of their new Indie Platform level, and through them has released his newest project, “Visions”. In 2019 he released 4 singles which received co-signs from publications such as Ear Milk, Lyrical Lemonade, Respect Magazine, The HypeMagazine, HipHopSince1987, ItsBizkit, and Essentially Pop to name a few, Fade is on the radar as the next New York City breakout star.


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