Spifflorde - "What I Tell Ya'll"

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Multi talented, with a clear sense of artistic direction are just some of the ways we would describe Philly Native Spifflorde.

Spifflorde isn’t your average artist by any stretch. For starters, the young MC writes, produces, and arranges his own music. A skill set reserved for some of the most prominent of talents in the game today. Not only does he create his own music from the ground up, he also creates complex original animations in the same fashion. Spifflorde is a rare case of an artist who quite literally could create an entire body of work from the music, to the visual representation single handedly. He has been drawing since two years old, and is trained in 2D animation. Spifflorde has a keen eye for detail. So obsessed with art he would frequently get in trouble in school, constantly doodling. He was sent later on to learn animation and put his skills to the test, in efforts to offset this problem.

Now with an appreciation for greats before him, he continues to create his own lane artistically and musically. His newest single “What I Tell Y’all” is an example of his confidence. The cadence and delivery within the song is braggadocios in a way that isn’t off putting. He lets the listener know that he is confident and conscious of the skill set he has acquired, with a chorus that has the echoing impact of Spifflorde telling doubters to remember “What I Tell Y’all?”

Artist like this who carry such a diverse skill set often go overlooked because their brand is so vast but if Spifflorde continues to make records like these, there will not be any room for doubt.


Stream Spifflorde's song “What I Tell Ya’ll” on Spotify and all other major streaming platforms.


Follow Spifflorde on Instagram for more of his music and art @Spifflorde.


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