SOUTHDOGROCK - Old and Tired Dog

Here at Straight Bread, we are always looking for new and creative sound and style that is pushing the bar with music. Most people generally look in the areas of pop, hip hop, and R&B. What catches our attention though more than anything, is musicians who can revive classic sound with a new touch.

SOUTHDOGROCK brings together a talented group of musicians and artist that put on a performance with blues rock influences to their sound. The craftsmanship and skill of each member all combine to create a unique musical experience.

The blues forms the root of most of modern popular music. With the new song "Old and tired dog" SOUTHDOGROCK bows to the greatness of blues and blues rock, bringing along a very own interpretation of this style. Memories and associations of the unforgettable songs of the Blues Brothers, Eric Clapton and many other blues rock legends will definitely come into your mind.

The earthy guitar riffs in “Old and tired dog” and the fundamental bass line are topped with crisp brass and typical Hammond licks. The soulfulness of the voice tells the emotional story of the tired old dog from the south who is just looking for a place to rest. Feel the groove of SOUTHDOGROCK`s new blues rock interpretation and find out why this old dog is so tired.



The southern region of Germany, close to the Swiss and French border, is home to Florian Döppert (vocals, lyrics, sax, keyboard). With his first solo project SOUTHDOGROCK a long-held wish comes true: creating songs based on own lyrics and musical ideas together with a professional producer. Florian found a very competent partner for this project: Frank Schultz, owner of PRO TON MUSIC.

Frank accompanies Florian`s journey through the different music styles. SOUTHDOGROCK is not fixed to one music style but explores different genres with the involved musicians.

The participating musicians and singers waive their fees and support the project with their skills. Without this voluntary support, the quality of the pieces of music would not be possible. Thanks to all friends and supporters of SOUTHDOGROCK. Many songs are still waiting to be produced . After the first creation “Ride with me” and the social critical song " The Street " the ballad “ Same girl with emerald eyes“ released. In February 2021 SOUTHDOGROCK will release three new Songs, two of them for the first time with German lyrics.

SOUTHDOGROCK is a non-profit experiment that tries to use the available resources to produce outstanding songs. Fifty percent of each sponsorship, from our fundraising campaign, will be spent to cover the production costs of the next song. The other fifty percent will be donated to the OFFROADKIDS FOUNDATION, which aim is to create prospects for street children and young homeless people in Germany:

Feel free to support the project on GofundMe:


Florian Döppert – lead vocals and saxophones

Dominik Göpf – rhythm and lead guitar

Salva Balbo – acoustic and lead guitar

Rolf Goerke – bass guitar

Frank Heider - bass guitar

Frank Schultz – keyboards and programming

Andrea Döppert – background vocals

Ute Brätschkus – background vocals

Jürgen Brätschkus – background vocals

Jürg Weber - background vocals

Produced, arranged, recorded and mastered at PRO TON MUSIC, Neuenburg by Frank Schultz

Music by Florian Döppert & Frank Schultz

Lyrics by Florian Döppert / SOUTHDOGROCK

You can follow for updates and future releases via:





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