Sin Licencia

Juan Calle and NoBveno “Sin Licencia”

If you haven’t heard of Juan Calle yet you can thank me later. HIs newest single Sin Licencia is a summer smash hit if I have ever heard one. What standouts to me as a listener is the rhythm, flow and melodies used. It’s the perfect combination of pace and intriguing instrumentation and word play that warrants a high replay value.

The track features NoBVENO who add a unique texture to the song. Music in today’s oversaturated and watered down culture can often have features that are completely out of place and take away from the song. This feature was done right. NoBveno adds a quality contribution that doesn’t subtract from the song it adds.

While most of us are stuck in the house due to quarantines and stay-at-home orders we won’t get to enjoy the song that it was meant to be. At a day time party with good drinks and good people around. However I can guarantee that once its safe for everyone to come back and play. Juan Calle and NoBveno “Sin Licencia” is the record that the DJ’s are going to be playing without a doubt.

Go stream Juan Calle and NoBveno newest single “Sin Licencia” on apple music and all other major digital streaming platforms.

Reasons to listen: The song has an infectious rhythm and flow to it that is sure to keep the dance floor active regardless of your music taste.

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