SC4REAL - Hypermode

In a year full of restrictions, unprecedented challenges, and uncertainty especially for artists, SC4REAL delivers what some are calling the number one album of the year. Hypermode is a full-length 20-track project from the South Carolina native spanning just under an hour and fifteen minutes. From track 1 to 20 SC4REAL takes the listeners on a tantalizing journey with a blend of melodies, flows, and bars that any true hip hop fan can appreciate.

If you ask the producer/artist where his inspiration came from he would tell you hip-hop icons like Pharrell, Timbaland, Kanye West, and Swizz Beatz. Production-wise you can hear those influences all through the album. His range in production is evident the first 15 minutes into the album with droggy hip-hop head knockers like "Now or Never" and "Mafia". And just when you think you know the full direction of the project SC4REAL switches the energy with tracks like "Alive" and "Check My Style" that add a much lighter element. Both these songs share similar content but the production and the flows allow for a change of pace that just feels and sounds correct.

With so many songs on the album, some artists find it hard to create a project with virtually no misses on it. And who can blame them? An hour of music and an artist is bound to make something that someone doesn't like. However, SC4REAL may have cracked the code with this one as the album has virtually no skips if you're into hip-hop. The near-perfect album earned the South Carolina artist and producer "Album of the year" from the folks at "THE FURTHER: UNDERGROUND GENERATION GOING FURTHER". SC4REAL talked with an internet-based blog about his creative process and how he was able to ensure that all 20 songs were going to be received well.

"During the 2 months of the Hypermode sessions, I recorded 40 plus songs, and out of the 40 plus songs I chose 20 for the album. I rode around for weeks making sure I had the right tracks and that the flow of the album felt good and sounded good," said SC4REAL in his interview with THE FURTHER.

Listeners can hear that creative process as well. As listeners move through the album with songs like "Cool Talk", "Like Butter" and "Black Magic" you can tell these songs were meticulously added and arranged on the album even though they're on the back half of the album.

SC4REAL is relatively new to the scene but his first project, " Shock Combat HD" was streamed over 500,000 times. I expect this project will surpass that as SC4REAL exhibits growth in every facet of the game in this project.

Listen to the project on all digital streaming platforms and follow SC4Real on Twitter and Instagram @SC4Real.

Straight Bread Score: 7.5/10


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