SC - Shock Combat HD

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

As the next wave of hip hop continues to evolve into many sub genres with mixtures of other genres, music enthusiast are getting spoiled with the level of creativity involved in music today. Apart of this next wave that we are blessed with is the South Carolina product, SC. As an artist who self produces his records, SC has the ability to take a project from scratch and completely build it up to where his creativity and imagination will allow. This skill level gives an artist the ability to tailor everything to how he pictures in his head and fine tune every detail to his pleasing. There is an extra level of commitment and self-accomplishment when completing a project in this fashion as well as an extra level of intimacy when you put so much into your sound.

On SC’s latest project “Shock Combat HD” released on March 9th, he lays out and displays the full arsenal of tools he has as a creator. As a 21 track project, SC goes through a variety of styles, flows, and energy levels from start to finish. “HD Intro” was a highly intriguing track to enter the project with as it provides a unique beat pattern and samples that does not have any defined pockets to it but SC finds himself his own pockets to dig into and enters the project strong.

As much of a ying and yang maneuver as there ever is, the next two tracks “Dis” and “Higher” are starkly contrasting to one another as “Dis” is a dark, hard, and powerful track that bangs hard and with top notch lyrics and flow. I found this track to really shine on this project. “Higher” offers a whole new energy that helps your soul lift back up with inspiration and hope.

As you continue to move through the project you get records with incredibly unique and experimental blends of style between vocals and production. Records such as “Crush”, Everthings A Go”, and “The Vibe” have production styles I would relate to Kanye in the sense of the instrumental styles, samples, and energy of the beats. The productions on these records you can find a lot of depth within.

On other records such as “Smirk”, “Shut Us Down”, and “Cash Rules”, there is almost a sense of nostalgia with the sound and style almost similar to early 2000’s hip hop around 2001-2005. The flows are strait forward with pure lyricism, and beats that are energetic and sporadic with layers. SC uses that classical style and sound on these records but brings it back and refreshes anew with a little bit of futuristic flavor, that provides a unique listening experience.

With inspiration and influence from great producers as Quincy Jones, LA Reid, and Just Blaze, this has given SC a diverse set of influences and style to base off and use in his own fashion as shown through this project. When previously referencing to the level of intimacy that can be found when creating a project from scratch and building on your own, you can truly feel yourself immersed in that atmosphere when venturing through this project.

We are currently in a time when projects from artist appear to be getting shorter and shorter, most projects under 13 songs anymore. It is truly impressive the ability SC has to compose such a strong project from start to finish with 21 tracks within it. This truly is a byproduct of the hard work ethic and dedication SC has put into his sound and music. This just highlights the capabilities one has when harness all their skill and potential.

After garnishing over 150k streams on the project at this point, this is a strong example of why “numbers don’t lie”. The people are here for what all SC has to offer with his immense talent. With hot records on such a purely artist project such as this from SC, the bar has now been raised to see what he has in store for us all next.


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