S.Burley - America

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Located out of Weeki Wachee, FL, artist S.Burley provides a classic rap sound on modern life issues. In his new single “America”, S.Burley holds back nothing speaking on the current issues causing an uproar across the country with police brutality and murdering of black men and women. The message is clear from the beginning that S.Burley is fed up with the corrupt violence that has been gotten away with for far to long, like many of us feel.

The prime importance of this track is the important message it is delivering that so many can relate and follow behind. While the message and lyrics alone make this song top notch, S.Burley shines musically on this record as well. Between hard punchy bars he lays the lyrics with and the smooth harmonies laying in the background provide a contrasting sound like compliment one another.

The skills shown in combining a strong message, lyrics, and vocal performance are top of the line that brings an excellent musical performance for the listener. All of this combined on to a well done beat by OTW Beats, puts together a recipe for a 5 star production. The cover art of the single brightly shows exactly what S.Burley is speaking upon from front to start on this record.

With a strong vocal performance and message such as this, S.Burley shows the talent he possess for doing more than most of artist of making party music. S.Burley is here to speak to the people and create some change.


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