Ro$ewood Renegade - Knockin

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Native to Austin, TX, Ro$ewood Renegade was born and raised into music with his father, a street legend along with several other family members with historical musical legacies. Wanting to earn his own success, Renegade created his own path to a music career. Starting in high school as a rap duo alongside his brother Deezle, the two brothers began their journey as artists. In the early stages of their careers together, the two saw success form as they became celebrities of their own right at school and in the city overall. Since then, Renegade has been relentlessly working on his craft to gain his own place in the spotlight.

Now operating under his own label, Kommittee Rich Ent LLC alongside his manager Phil Jackson, Renegade is primed for a breakout. With his new mixtape "In My Own Lane", Renegade shows of his versatile skills and unique abilities as an artist. In his single "Knockin", a display of craftsmanship is shown throughout the track with punchy lines and consist ability to hit the pockets of the beat. The record has consistent energy to it with relentless rhythm from Renegade. With a blue collar work ethic, load of talent and skill, Renegade is going to continue to rise.

To hear the entire "In My Own Lane" mixtape, go check it out on his website:



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