Rick Shaffer - Broken Souls

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Decades of living and creating music have led guitarist, singer, songwriter Rick Shaffer to creating his magnum opus. 

As the times change and the attentions spans of the ever changing listener gets shorter and shorter, Shaffer has found a way to cut through the noise with a concise and direct album "Broken Souls". No gimmicks, no mind twisting sentiments that make you wonder is the artist smarter than me or are they just saying words to say them and also, no skips. Just raw emotion that if it could be translated into a book would be a gripping page turner.

The 10-track full length project from Shaffer is a mix of 70's Garage Rock and Blues. A combination that rarely peaks its head these days but also provides a breath of fresh air when it does.

The standout moments to me are when Shaffer is most vulnerable. But not only in the lyrics but in the melodies he plays. His craftsmanship sounds seasoned and the core of the music really speaks for himself.

"Oh when you told me this could be the end, you’d be lost forever in your silent bed" Shaffer sings on Like Fire, which is the best song on the album.

Listen to Rick Shaffer's album Broken Souls on Apple Music.


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