Reality TV (EP)

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

As the Canadian poet Atticus once put it, “It was her chaos that made her beautiful”. The band Reality TV, composed of 4 band mates at Forham University in Bronx, NY define this quote prolifically with the well-structured chaos of sound in their music. In a region such as NY that can at times be saturated with a certain sound or style, it is at a time like now more than ever that a new range of music is needed. Reality TV was found on a fellowship of four individuals collecting unique sound, combined to create great, powerful, and captivating music. With the combination of singer/songwriter Wes, drummer Henry Smith, guitarist Niko Kapetan, and bassist Jack McClatchy, the four deliver an electric sound to the masses showcasing their rebellion and individuality.

Now with the recent release of their EP “Reality TV”, they truly define this “beautiful chaos”, from front to back on the EP. Do not get me wrong, when I use the word chaos, I use it as a compliment. In a world now around simplistic sound and “sticking to the basics” and "box sounds", Reality TV breaks the barriers and lets it loose and yet controls it at the same time. In the EP, tracks can be highly energetic and get a listener amplified. But let's not be hasty and compare them to just a basic high energy punk band. Like previously stated, they let loose, yet are controlled and well managed with their instrumental play, and that is no easy feat without an utmost high level of skill and synergy between each member.

I find it hard to to what to classify this EP as, as it could be safely labeled as “punk” based on tracks like “Plastic Paradise” and “Dixie Cup” that have a semi traditional punk sound. Two records that kind of blur the lines between punk and heavy rock are “Menage a Trois” and “Toy Soldiers” that have a hard punk taste but flow and have heavy and hard vocals that cross more in to the rock realm. I find the blending masterfully done and really find the bands play to be blend of genres and border line experimental in a sense which brings a new taste and flavor of its own. “Toy Soldiers” I especially was drawn to with the smooth and slowed intro that then picks up steam and really gets heavy with guitar play that turns the record up a notch. When I listen to this record, There is a sense of being warped back in time playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater that is featured heavily with this style of music. The vocals are strong and powerful and were perfectly delivered.

The two other tracks that had stood out to me were “Roadkill” and “Coast”. As the last track on the record, “Coast” has a solid energy throughout the entire record with a catchy anthem to it. I thought this track was a perfect high note to end the EP on and leave a good taste in the listeners ear. The vocals warp into almost a funk/hypnotic sound at points then swim right back into a rock sequence that was truly unique. The track that was found to be the most unique in a sense was the fourth track “Roadkill”, a much slower pace record compared to the rest. What made it unique outside of the slower pace and sound, was the diversity of skill shown by Reality TV. While a majority of the records on the EP have a strong pace and sound to them and is done with such excellence, “Roadkill” is comparably just as great in it's own unique right. The record is slow, hypnotizing, melodic and very mellowing. I found the placement of this track to be perfect as a nice slow down and chill in the middle of the EP. With an EP containing an array of sound and styles, the band has accomplished what they have set out to do and delivered with flawless execution.

Final note: EP is polished out with a well done cover art that standouts and is a well crafted piece.


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