Raymond Revel - Ourselves

California native Raymond Revel is another example of the west coast producing some of the best talent in the industry.

Revel newest single “Ourselves” is his latest contribution to the game and the song immediately puts you into a different mood. The opening line “We all want to be loved” over soft but impactful music draws you into this introspective record.

The most notable component of the song is the songwriting. It’s evident that Revel knows exactly what he is doing. Revel who started songwriting at age 10, displays his ability to write relatable, simple but impactful content. The hook displays his ability to force the listeners to be introspective in a way that carries on after the song has finished playing.

“Ourselves “ is Revel’s follow up to his critically acclaimed single “Sunrise” which was featured multiple weeks on Discover Weekly.  Even the title of his releases shows that he understands what it takes to connect with an audience.

The music that Revel is creating leans closer toward alternative or pop but because the songs are written and crafted in a way that connects on a human level I’m sure that this record particular will crossover to listeners of any genre.


You can get his new single “Ourselves” on all streaming platforms and find him on social media with the links below:






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