Random Parts - So Long (Review)

Long time collaborators Jonathon Brannon and David Cagle make up the band Random Parts, and on April 2 they will be delivering a captivating single titled “So Long”.

From the minute the song begins the LA/Birmingham based duo brings you into a world of uncertainty and inner turmoil. The lyrics “Created this prison alone in my cell, Will I find the reason only time will tell,” immediately set the tone for the record and the listeners are taken into the mind of a person who is fighting but is also aware that the battle has just begun.

Here I go, wish me well” the band closes out the starting verse with.

The band takes inspiration from the rich history of 1990’s grunge rock and roll and its more than evident here in this record. It doesn’t take a professional musician to be able to hear that the duo has perfected their craft. Each component of the record from song writing, the delivery of the vocals and the instrumentation are the perfect example of someone making it look easy.

I can assure it is not.

The band was first birthed in 2007 but it's evident that they are here to stay and look to be a staple in the modern rock genre.

Although the record inherently provides dark and somber undertones, the writing provides room for much more interpretation. Undoubtedly, everyone has their trials and tribulations. This record stands as testament to that and the idea of something greater being on the other end of defeat.

Old me is gone, oh, so long, so long...old me is gone

You can listen to Random Parts new single April 2.


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