Rafi Bar & Yitzy Heilbrun - Sava

Coming off the success of the latest album “Wastelands”, Rafi Bar has been on streak of releasing hot singles, now teaming up with fellow NYC producer Yitzy Heilbrun for their single, “Sava”. Inspired by traditional Balkan music, the two producers are working in hand with one another to change the way that music is perceived. Boasting unique styles and skill sets, the producers wield the tools create their own lane musically and create something special.

In the single “Sava”, Rafi and Yitzy create a beautiful atmosphere of music with a strong blending of a variety of synths that all compliment one another gracefully. The record builds up with a full head of steam in the beginning then comes crashing in hard with deep bass and kicks that gives the track a jolt of energy. What caught my attention for excitement was after this portion, towards the middle of the track was there is a slight pause that kind of starts the build up back over but quickly comes sweeping back in and bring a new variable of sounds in. I found this entire record to be exciting, constantly evolving, and well mastered. There is a level of expertise required to respectfully put so many sounds together properly, and these two did it with effortless percision.

Many producers find a rhythm on a track and try to play it safe throughout to eliminate the risk of listeners getting surprised and turned off by the track. I like that Rafi and Yitzy took some risks throughout the track. In my opinion, this record was well calculated and masterfully done. In an era that is saturated with music, Rafi is setting himself apart from the norm. Overall, my takeaway is Rafi is doing exactly what he has set for a mission, and that’s change the way music is perceived.

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