Philly Blocks - CEO

With a strong new visual for his single “CEO”, Philly Blocks does shy away from giving listeners a glimpse of affirmed future. On this record, Philly Blocks goes in bar for bar pulling you into his mind and launched into the future he his creating for himself.

While some may be okay with being the guy underneath working for someone else, Philly Blocks is trying to be that CEO who is running it. Philly Blocks holds nothing back with letting you know he is ready to run these streets.

With a banging beat done by DP Beats, this track hits hard on the speakers in the best way. Philly Blocks hits the track with a relentless flow and smooth cadence that doesn’t lack from start to finish. Philly Blocks comes in strong with bars that have heavy hitter lines that will raise an eyebrow.

With a fire visual attached, the record hit a whole other gear. The use of layering sky effects in scenes adds an artistic element to the video. With the combination of clean cut scenes and smooth transitions, the creativity of the video was well done and represents the track perfectly. The location of the video with a old factory in the background is a perfect element for the video that is a strong reflection of Philly Blocks blue collar working mentality of grinding to the top. With a banger like this on deck, we look for more heat out of Philly Blocks in the future.


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