Pete Buckley Has London on Notice

Pete Buckley is an artist quickly rising out of London with wields a strong skill set with the instruments he can use and the power of his voice. As we are seeing occur more and more, artist are blurring the lines of genre's more than ever. Pete's music provides a nice blend of folk, classical, and rock music. In a world that in generally consumed into Pop and Hip hop music, Pete is showing prominently that classic styles of music are still just alive as ever. Much music in the world today is tuned and modified heavily in the studio which leaves much admiration for someone like Pete Buckley who is raw, real, and pure. As much as everyone is caught up in the standard and mainstream sounds of music, I also don't know many people who do not find joy and pleasure in listening to raw, classic, down to earth music that you can vibe with.

Recently, Pete had played at The Water Rats showcasing to fans his skills on a guitar and the power of his voice. This video perfectly encompasses what I am referring to with "raw" and real music. Listening to a track recorded by Pete or listening to it live has the same sound and energy, not something many artists today can boast in terms of an original sound. The one thing you can catch in Pete's live performances is the music just seems to come more alive as shown in the performance of "The Other Side". It is easy to see how Pete is becoming such a known artist on the rise with more and more fans truly feeling the sound and emotion in his music. As you can hear in "Love and Only Love" the sound is emotional and real. The best songs fans connect with are ones they can emotionally get attached to. In "No Regrets" the instrumental play is very solid and strong and goes to show music is more than just vocals, which is something I am big on. As important as a strong voice which Pete truly possesses, he shows his skills with his guitar is just as powerful. If you have not been fortunate enough to catch Pete Buckley live yet, your in luck as he will be performing at the O2 Academy in Islington on April 3rd, that leaves plenty of time for fans to grab tickets and catch him live.

Outside of this live performance you can also track out the track below "Adelaide":


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Pete Buckley is a professional musician, multi-instrumentalist & singer-songwriter. He's become known throughout London for his powerful vocals & blurring the lines between folk & rock music. His vocal range spans an incredible five octaves with natural vibrato. He believes his vocal range & natural vibrato was inherited from his Great Grandmother who was a renowned opera singer in Cork City in the 1940s & 50s. A skilled lyricist he normally writes his songs in various styles while purposefully indenting his lyrics with quirky mannerisms to reflect the different octaves of his vocal range. This causes most of his songs to span at least three octaves enabling his songs to be a roller coaster ride of emotional dispense. Pete consistently finds new & exciting ways of interacting with his current fans & building new fans. He loves giving impromptu performances & lately he’s been using Facebook Live to capture these intimate performances


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