Our admiration for genuine, authentic, pure music is and endless lust. So when we find artists like P.S. Finn, we can not help but gush over the experience we feel listening to track like P.S. Finn's latest, "THIS OLD STAIRWAY".

There is an essence of pureness in the vocal performance that we get from Finn on this track as he smoothy glides between notes and lyrics. The performance is captivating with the raw skill that Finn possess and puts on full display on with this track.

The video also brings in a visual element that brings the music to life in front of you providing a short film experience between the music and visual combination. The connection that can be made within the listening and visual experience brings you back wanting more.

With musical talent and craftsmanship like P.S. Finn, the sky is the limit for this creative star on the rise.

P.S. Finn is a singer/songwriter from the UK. He is multi-instrumentalist and producer with a folk-pop flare. He provides sounds similar to Vance Joy, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran and even sometimes Simon and Garfunkel!


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