OMN1S - No Emotions

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Kawhi Leonard will be dropping, the OMN1S No Emotions. The shoe offers a simple and straightforward color pallet featuring black, pink and a tan around the logo and base of the shoe. The remainder of the shoe is far from simple or basic though with a pattern of emotionless cartoon faces repeating around core. Across the shoe and over the laces are a strap with "No Emotions" printed across it. Joe Freshgoods broke down the design and purpose on Instagram, stating he created this with the purpose to “represent for those who simply just let their work speak for them.”

As any fan knows, Kawhi Leonard is well known for emotionless approach to the

basketball court and media as well. This shoe is a perfect embodiment of Kawhi in a personal and emotional sense. Outside of the correlation with the player himself, the color scheme and patterns are sure to catch attention. The only question now is what colorways are coming next?


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