Oh Well - Insomnia

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Ryan Oswald, now better known as “Oh Well”, a solo indie pop project out of Chicago, IL is creating a new wave of sound through the region. With a uniquely progressive EDM presence in his sound, Oh Well is showing the ever-evolving boundaries to the sound of music. In the latest project “Insomnia”, the array of style and sound is put on full display.

The “Insomnia” EP is a project capturing the frustration and anxiety of struggling to sleep at night. While the records themselves truly exfoliate the emotions and feelings they are portraying, there is also a truly gripping video to accompany the song that really ties it all together.

The tracks all have their own energy that each express in their own way. “Insomnia”, is a mellow and melodic track that has a steady pace and space that breaths enough but also has enough action to it. The vocals I found to be captivating. I enjoyed the adlibs and doubles that provided almost a haunting eerie sound that truly encompasses the feelings of laying in bed with, insomnia. “Blindfolds Off” is a more roller-coaster ride of a track that is ever moving. The track has highly energetic moments while also having moments that slow down and draw your mind in. With the record “Life Is Better Online”, you can find your ears constantly entertained and tentative for what is next. The vocals are a reminder of 2000’s punk rock, but mixed with EDM. The level of experimentation is fascinating and paid off with this one. To wrap up the EP, Oh Well finishes things off with the record “Moving On”. There was no better way to finish off the EP than with this one. “Moving On” is a slower yet energetic track. It is parallel to Kid Cudi’s “Man on the Moon” with slow singing over beats interlaced with hip-hop and EDM. I find that super remarkable as Cudi had created his own unique style and sound. Oh Well pulls this one off with precision that one can not help but admire.

With the level of talent and unique sound that Oh Well has begun to curate, the only direction is up. Want more on Oh Well? Check him out on the links below:




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