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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

New York based artist Steven Narvaez aka Nites Alone, has been performing and producing music for over 25 years, and for the first time in 7 years is releasing his first solo project titled “Little 82” on August 21st. Whether you’re a longtime fan or first time listener, you are in for a treat with this project.

The initial track titled “Little 82” is a smooth elegant record with pure and clean vocals that shine bright and carry the track from beginning to end. You can hear years of experience and expertise of vocal performances brimming at the edges. What gives the track and vocals some extra “flash” is the mixing done on the back up and doubled vocals that provide different tones and effects that keep you continuously interested. I found myself playing this a few times over just out of being intrigued with the overall vocal sound. Combine that with the strongly produced instrumental in the back that slowly brings you up and then slows you back down from time to time, you have the makings of a classic hit right here.

While the initial track alone has enough to gloat about, we are spoiled with two remixes that bring an intriguing new taste in each one and can provide different energy levels from the original. The first remix was done by Dead Stare & First Gift. This remix provides a more energetic pounce to it from the original track. They use the chorus perfectly to slowly build up the energy then as the chorus comes to an end, swoop in with a hard drop that swings in with what we call “organized chaos” of sounds and drums that hit hard. This remix alone is something perfect to bring to your next function and show to your friends that love discovering new music for events.

The second remix was done by Hataah, similar to the first remix in the sense of having more energy, but this remix truly is a remix meant to get people up and dancing to. Hataah took this track and transforms it into a whole new beast with masterful skill that brings a whole new vibe and sound to it without completely taking away from the original source material. I like the fact that within two different remixes they truly are completely different from one another and you would not be able to tell the fact they these are referenced off the same original track. it’s a beautiful way to utilize one sourced track and turning it into two great tracks of their own through the remixes made.

Between one very strong stand alone track in “Little 82” and two remixed tracks, this project is a certified hit in our books and we'll be saving this to our personal playlists come release day. Just don’t make us wait 7 more years for another release when you have this type of music in the bag.

You can stream "Little 82" on all platforms on August 21st through the link below:

Click Here for streaming


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