Nesha Deshaun - The Prayer

When it comes to independent artist on the rise, keep your eyes on Nesha Deshaun, defining the true definition of “ND”pendendent. Her motto “Never let them tell you what you can’t do” has been a defining anthem in her rise to stardom.

Born and raise with a musical background in Memphis, TN, Nesha began singing and performing at the early age of 6 years old, then growing into writing and producing her own records by the age of 11. After winning the “PROLINE / Just For Me” contest in 1998, Nesha realized the potential she had in her possession. This later led to attending the Stax Music Academy at the age of 14 learning show production, performance, vocal arrangement, and harmony. After graduating the academy, Nesha took her talents to Clark Atlanta University to further her studies. Since then, she has written music for many well known independent and major artist and gained recognition from industry A&R’s, manager, producers, and major artist for her body of work.

After gaining some buzz for her debut project “Best Kept Secret” that was written, recorded, and mixed on her own, she has since been nominated for Memphis Hip Hop Awards "Slept on Artist of the Year, Female RnB Artist of the Year", and Atlanta Hip Hop Awards "Slept on Artist of the Year". In 2018, Nesha was caught on the radar of hip hop legend Jermaine Dupri who later signed her to Sony/ATV Music Publishing as a song writer.

Last year, Nesha released two HUGE singles in “Sofa King” and Alexa Play” from her 2019 project “I Am ND”, which has garnered success on all streaming platforms and added recognition with her own Pandora station. Nesha has built a strong portfolio of work in not just making great music, but also writing music for others, constantly creating in music. The mixture and level of talent Nesha has capitalized on, is truly remarkable.

Now with 2020 locked in her sights, Nesha has released a new record “The Prayer” to hold fans over until the release of her album “NDemand”, set to release later in the year. “The Prayer” brings powerful and gripping vocals with clean harmonizing. The production is top notch with different layers and levels to it. What stands out is the combination of Nesha’s vocal skill and utilization of her ability for writing with A grade lyrics.

With a strong buzz already surrounding Nesha Deshaun and her best work still ahead, time to wake up, quit sleeping, and prepare for the rise of Nesha Deshaun in the near future.


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