N2BLÜ - Dance (DJ C.A.)

Originating from different locations across the globe, N2BLÜ consist of a two man duo, Jonathan Arceneaux and Konstantin Smorodnikov.

Born in New Orleans, LA, Jonathan began singing almost before he could even talk. Spending a majority of his childhood in the state of Louisiana, he grew up singing in church choir and taking vocal lessons in both classical and musical theatre. Going into high school, Jonathan dug himself into the art of writing as well to help further his abilities, taking inspiration from artists like Better Than Ezra, Duncan Sheik, and Savage Garden. The coming years after, Jonathan had begun to realize where his true passion and desire laid, within pop music. After the loss of his father in 2009 due to kidney disease, he had made the decision to move to Los Angeles, CA to fully indulge into the heart of the music industry. After a few years of experiencing the “LA lights”, Jonathan felt it was time to move back home to his original roots in New Orleans. Shortly after moving back, destiny aligned and Jonathan had made a new friend in Konstantin Smorodnikov.

Konstantin Smorodnikov, born and raised in Kostroma, Russia fell in love with music at an early age find admiration in the rhythmic structure and arrangement of sound. At the age of 15, Konstantin was introduced to the realm of computer based musical production, something that is a key component in todays musical creation. At the age of 18, Konstantin moved to America where he spend a majority of his 20’s within local dance clubs studying the technical production and engineering of music with inspirations from DJ’s like Peter Rauhofer and Abel Aguilera.

After Konstantin and Jonathan met in 2016, the two began to realized the shared passion they each had and the chemistry they were building with shared sounds and ideas with music. After realizing the true musical chemistry that they had been building, they decided a music partnership was ready to be made, forming N2BLÜ.

Coming off the latest singles “Hurricane”, “Match My Crazy”, and “Neon Gold”, N2BLÜ has released their newest record, “Dance (DJ C.A.)”. With any track from N2BLÜ, you truly get a unique blend of sound and style on every record. On “Dance (DJ C.A.)”, the track begins with a very steady pop sound with Jonathan on vocals. As the record progresses in, Konstantin goes to work bringing the tempo of the production up and transitioning the track into more of an electronic dance sound. This record tip toes around so many genres thorough the entire track, it is astounding. I find the unique ability to bring in tastes of pop, classical, dance, and electronic as true showmanship of their abilities. Most electronic music samples vocals and manipulate the sound of them to fit the record. N2BLÜ goes against that grain as they just stamped in a true vocal presence and it fits wonderfully. This duo is not a rookie gimmick trying to get their feet wet. N2BLÜ put the years of practice and sharpening their skills on full display. In an era saturated with music, N2BLÜ is carving their own road of unique sound and production.


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