Mr. Jet Black

Hailing from the Bay Area, indie artist Mr. Jet Black is an experienced artist with over 20 years in the music industry. Originally from Hayward, CA and family roots reach to Lafayette, LA, Mr. Jet Black started his music journey in the 9th grade, with influence from his childhood friend Spice 1 that began the process of accumulating into the artist he is today. With 7 projects under his belt and continuously working on the next new piece, Jet Black keeps himself prepared for the next step in his career backed by his blue-collar work ethic. In a music generation that is primarily built around having a “fun sound”, Jet Black boasts a rare talent, driven by strong and vivid lyrical play.

On three hot singles, Mr. Jet Black brought out the whole tool bag on “Go Figure”, “For The F”, and “Accessory”. “Go Figure” that dropped earlier this year, produced by fellow Bay Area producer Rob Lo, is a gritty and aggressive record that is perfectly cooked and sauced up. The beat has a smooth melodic piano sample with hard hitting kicks and crisp snares. Jet Black goes in on this track with relentless energy. This track brings real heat from front to back with consistency.

The second track that caught attention was a track produced by Traxamillion, “For the F”, a bouncy track that has a fun energy to it. With a smooth flow and delivery, Mr. Jet Black shines on this track hitting every pocket with precision and giving an excellent vocal performance on. With strong word play and catchy lines, this record is primed for becoming a club banger to get everyone vibing to. The range of skill at Mr. Jet Black’s disposal shines through on this single with excellence. The only thing this record is missing is a T-Pain feature to cap it off.

The last track that fell on our radar was “Accessory”, produced by another Bay Area producer, LT Beats, brings a whole different energy with a more slowed and chill record. The vocal delivery and cadence of Mr. Jet Black is right in tune with the vibe of the production. The back half of the records features heavy singing that contrasts well with Jet Black’s rapping from the beginning. This is a nice soul track that any listener can connect with and feel something from.

With great records like this under wraps and many other strong tracks on his resume, Mr. Jet Black is showing all the years of work to pay off. With an upcoming tour in April 2020 in the Pacific Northwest, don’t miss the opportunity to catch his set live.


Want more on Mr. Jet Black, you can follow him on social media below:

Instagram: @misterjetblack

Snapchat: @misterjetblack

Twitter: @Mrjetblack


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