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Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Musically, Monokino provides a unique atmosphere for the listener to engulf within. With an artistic blend of sounds and instruments, the listener is constantly moving through new layers of energy that elevate from start to finish. You are never bored with repetitive patterns or bland sounds. Listening to this over and over, and you can catch new sounds and new energy each time around. This is a full on display of musical entertainment and craftsmanship. With such strong musical play, the track really is topped off with ambient and reverbed vocals that glide elegantly from start to finish that are captivating and soothing. We admire any artist that finds their own unique sound and style, and master that to perfection. Every artist has a place in this world when they find their own niche and take ownership of it. Monokino perfectly displays his ability to master his artistic craft and connect that with others globally.

Monokino (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) returns to Europe from China with new song "No Return"

Monokino is the alias for Dutch pop composer George van Wetering who also formed and fronted the band Monokino - once part of the growing roster of foreign acts released by Chinese record company Modern Sky and worked with producer Tony Visconti. JZ Music Shanghai and Zip Records will release the single: valuing the baroque electronic production and the singer's bizarre choice to sing a song in Mandarin Chinese (instead of English) - (despite the song’s political neutrality, Apple Music has banned music from artists who sing in Chinese, the song won't be available on Apple Music). Monokino toured extensively across China, the Netherlands, Canada and the USA (SXSW, NXNE) and frequently participated in China’s growing music festivals (Strawberry Festivals).

The song’s long awaited release is a tribute to Monokino's tours, collaborations and fond memories in China but can also be seen as a final cathartic cleanse of many of the negative emotions and stresses caused by the corona virus:

The romantic ballad “No Return” was written when George van Wetering / Monokino was doubting his ability to stay in China and wavering about whether he should return home or not. Sadly, since the pandemic began this decision has been taken out of his hands. The decision to write and sing the song in Mandarin Chinese is a bizarre one, especially considering that the country had opened many doors for him once, closed many of its doors (career wise) currently and considering George does not speak the language fluently. Nevertheless, given the situation, there is certainly a bitter sweetness added through the song being sung in Mandarin and we hope listeners feel the same. Monokino hopes the song will empower listeners by directly confronting the struggles and emotions emerging from the pandemic.

The song itself sees George as a person who floats between the multiple worlds between East and West, exclaiming “there is no way back” to a world previously known. In all, the song advocates the fact that we all need to keep moving forward despite being in the midst of the pandemic. Looking to the future, the song surely comes as a precursor to a new album.

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