Michael Burman - I'm Alright

Creativity and unique sound are major qualities that can elevate artists to new heights when properly embraced. Not all artists are able to maximize their skill, experience, and own creative talent and put it all together into a complete package.

Michael Burman is a musical professional to the core who has made a career out of maximizing the skill set and abilities at his helm. As a multi-platinum songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist, Burman has shown his abilities at being skilled at many roles in the music industry.

As of late, Michael Burman has put the collective of his professional skill set together to create his latest single, "I'm Alright". This record puts on display Burman's ability to put on all of the hats he has worn over his career to create a masterful track.

With sweeping clean vocals, the track is light and easy on the ears for a smooth ride. Do not take this just as a light fluffy song though. The back half of the song features powerful guitar play, punchy transitions, and a fluid evolution of energy from beginning to end of the track.

The creative piecing of instrumental play along with the layering of vocals that had crisp mixes that allowed all the sounds to mesh in a clean fashion. Showcasing the ability to put together such a complete piece of work within a song can not be overstated. "I'm Alright" is a beautifully crafted song that is primed for others to be drawn to.


Michael Burman is a multi-platinum songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist, as well as a member of the Recording Academy. He's worked with a diverse group of top selling musical artists across all genres from A$AP Rocky to Carrie Underwood. He is known for breaking boundaries with his unique guitar driven sound.

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