Michael Bross - Journey 1 EP

The world within music is in constant flux with new sounds and style being introduced on a regular basis. When looking for that new wave of sound, start with composer Michael Bross to get a taste of something new. With previous works as a composer on sounds tracks for popular video games such as "Ratchet & Clank" and "Oddworld", Michael is a proven musician putting his personal work and craftsmanship on display.

Michael Bross has recently released his new EP “Journey 1” that will take you in for a dive into a whole new world. Through powerful music composition, Michael paints a clear picture in this EP that demonstrates the pain currently being sent like a shock wave through the world. The level of experimentation and blending of sounds bring a unique taste that can be hypnotizing and pull you into a new world.

With tracks that are meant to have an apocalyptic grit to them, Michael hits this EP with precision from start to finish. The EP begins with “Death Says Fly” that brings the listener quickly into a dark ambiance with a gentle carry to it. The record elegantly flows and brings you into the next record of “Never Return”. This track starts to bring a little more movement with a variance and strong use of synths that transition and blend beautifully. The EP wraps up with “Ebb of Days”, a perfect conclusion to the EP. The final track has a dark crawling aura to it throughout with unique sounds in constant motion with reverb floating about.

This EP is masterfully done with a genius utilization of sonic sounds combined with masterful artist abilities gives a brilliant composition of sound. Do yourself a favor, turn this one up, close your eyes, and feel the music.

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