Lxrd Kydd X TIJO - MAD?

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

One of the strongest rap collaborations in the midwest, Almighty Scraper Gang Scumbag Mafia Worldwide (Scraper Gang for short) has produced yet another hit single. This time it's with Lxrd Kydd and TIJO on their new record "Mad?". With such a diverse collection of talents ranging from singers, producers, rappers and designers it's hard to tell what kind of record to expect. But, when the names of Kydd and TIJO come up listeners can expect nothing less but a high energy record with top tier rapping. 

Kydd and TIJO have cultivated some dynamic energy between the two and are sticking with what works. Similar to the E.P "I'm JU$t Havin' FUN" this record is solely produced by TIJO and co-written by them both. 

Kydd and TIJO seem to have mastered their chemistry and can seemingly make a high energy rap song at any time. Despite, the formulaic approach the songs don't sound like a rinse and repeat act. The combination of Kydd's rapping ability and delivery and TIJO unique voice and melodies make each record they do together sound cohesive but yet completely different. 

Opposites really do attract because as different as the two styles are, that is precisely what makes the song great. Layers of context and energy keep give the song massive replay vile and provide further testimony to the greatness of this duo. 

There is no telling whether this song is apart of a larger project but Kydd said in an interview that "MAD?",  "probably is only in the top five. "No Switch Backs is still my shit." 

The fact that he doesn't have this as one or two should tell fans they have a lot of heat in the vault. 

You can stream "MAD?" now on ALL PLATFORMS.


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