Updated: Mar 16, 2021

And they're “$TILL HAVIN’ FUN”. The new Lxrd Kydd and SVD X TIJO (saved by Tijo) project is here and it's just as compact, concise, and fire as their last one. The three-track E.P is the sequel to the 2019 collaborative project "I'm Just Havin Fun" which features production exclusively from TIJO and both he and Lxrd performing the records. This project follows suit with the same formula, mostly. While TIJO does still handle the production he is not exclusively performing the hooks like on the last project. In fact, on the first song "Cyan" we hear TIJO take the hook and blend it in seamlessly to the verse so much that by the time you're a minute into the song you realize that he's providing the verse as well. We also get Lxrd in a rare form providing a verse with auto tune. Although you may have heard Lxrd with autotune before on his E.P "H.B.K", this was the very first time he ever recorded with it. "That's exactly why this is one of my favorite tracks," Lxrd said in his interview with Scrape Talk. The project keeps pace with the second song "10 $peed" featuring Rockford artist, Locson. Unlike the first project, Locson provides the one and only feature between the two projects. "10 $peed" gives you exactly what you think. High energy, bars, and a hook that will keep the song on repeat. This is the blog’s favorite verse from Lxrd on the project as he combines the bounce that hook provides but with witty wordplay and the usual bravado you expect from a Lxrd verse. This is why Lxrd says this is a favorite verse from himself. The tape concludes with "Mad?". A hard beat with an egotistical and dismissive hook made for the perfect conclusion to the project. "Why you mad at me? I aint do nothing. All I get is racks," TIJO raps over the hook and the beat he made. The lyrics and tone of the song leave the listener with the feeling the record is more personal than money. The Stoic-faced project may conclude the series with a third collab project between the two but there is nothing set in stone yet. What is set in stone is the position that Lxrd and TIJO both find themselves in within the region's top artists. The combination of consistency and concise aesthetics leaves little to no room for many other artists to top the two Scraper Gang creatives. "Shit that niggas is doing now I was doing at 18, I'm 27 now," Lxrd said in his interview with Scrape Talk. "All I can say is I'm still having fun with this shit no pun intended. I'm still having fun with this shit regardless of being on a list, being in eye, being in ya ear, whatever the fuck you want to call it. I've done some remarkable shit when it comes to the music." You can buy or stream the project everywhere: HERE


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