Lou Anthony - S.E.L.F: Something Everyone Looks For

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

In a time of quartine and one of the oddest years that most of can remember self-reflection are characteristics that have been at the forefront of many artists' minds. No shows, traveling restricted, and even the content in which many artists are used to delivering to their fans have needed to be carefully considered so as not to come off as insensitive to the times.

Without hearing other Lou Anthony projects, I can very easily tell that content on his latest project titled, S.E.L.F Something Everyone Looks For, is well within his wheelhouse. He sounds naturally in his element content-wise and its evident that his sounds are a silver lining during times that have been troubling for some.

The project starts off with a somber but rebellious mood on the "Drive Slow".

"They show you love and they say they do, But no one believes it, Then you see it in the face and it knocks you off your ladder but there comes a time when you realize only your opinion matters"

This is the essence of this song and really the start of the project. Anthony is alone but by choice. Whether that is good or bad is hard to determine but it is the circumstances none the less and he chooses to deal with them by getting high and driving slow.

Works like these are best when not rushed. The self-reflection and vulnerability need time to be fleshed out not only in the lyric but in production. Not short cuts were taken with this project as Anthony notes that this album took roughly three years to produce. In the age of yearly drops and out with the old in with the new, that's an impressive feat to accomplish. It takes real guts to be able to sit with music that long knowing that the potential fans' attention spans are not the long, especially if they don't like it. Even though I can't imagine fans disliking this project.

The production on the project well quickly allow fans to forget that this project is centered around the struggles he faced while in depression and feelings of self-confidence. That is evident on the record "Homegirl".

" I did this shit for Keyshaa, I miss you for real, And though we ain't fuckin', you my homegirl still"

It's hard to determine whether or not the lack of companionship is Anthony's fault or not but it's evident it's effecting. But as first-time listener you don't really have to take that in because the production is so infectious and the wordplay and flow is ear candy. All marks of great writing, when your writing can be about any content subject but still listeners can vibe to a song.

Overall this project is a mark of true craftsmanship in the genre.

In today's music space there are so many carbon copies and recycled lines and phrases so it's very refreshing to hear someone use a wider range of analogies and vocabulary to express their sentiments. The combination of his voice, wordplay, and production create a listening environment. One that is unique. When the music comes on the listener has no choice but to conform to the mood of the music. Often people will play music in an attempt to fit the vibe of the room or the people they are with. Sure, S.E.L.F can do that but its impact is in bringing the listeners into Anthony's world. 

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