Lou Anthony - "Homegirl" & "Classy"

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

West Philadelphia sensation Lou Anthony has been on the rise recently and we have been blessed to come across some of his tracks recently. His smash hit “Homegirl” has been steadily blowing up with reaching up to #7 on the June-July Urban Hip-Hop charts by HitsYouLove.com. The record was produced by Lou and Baltimore instrumental king Baxhan. The other single we have been fortunate enough to come across is “Classy” a single off of Lou’s upcoming debut album “S.E.L.F: Something Everyone Looks For” releasing in fall 2020.

Both songs come with top notch videos to compliment the tracks. Starting with “Homegirl”, Lou Anthony provides a smooth track that is easy to sit back on chill on. Lou vibes on this track perfectly with a nice relaxed flow that is easy to listen and has excellent replay value.

With success already stemming from “Homegirl”, I expect an even bigger rise from “Classy”, a fun bouncy track that has excellent replay value. The record has Lou teaming up with Nabil Sioty along with GDaPlug who provides a great contrasting sound in comparison to Lou, that helps in complimenting one another’s verses. This record is a straight vibe for a kickback to burn one to and get heads bobbing.

With both records complimented with clean visuals, both tracks have the total package for them and each have their own value in different ways for different moods. Lou Anthony shows how the different styles and flows he can come with and the different sounds he can provide on a record hitting the pockets of beat just right. With continued artistic ability like this, we expect the heat from Lou to continue to rise. Looking forward to his upcoming debut album.

You can stream both tracks on all platforms now:

Homegirl | Classy


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