Komyoun - The Process

While so much house and techno has slowed down in recent years, Komyoun's "The Process" doesn't shy away from breakneck tempos. "The Process" gallops along at fast paced bpm, staccato hi-hats perforating space like a punch card machine while sooty pads keep the listeners engaged and feeling of being alive. The kick drum, like the percussive arrangement in general, is always in motion, upending the 4/4 pulse in fits and stutters. While we are unaware if this was done intentional or by accident, "The Process" continues to blur the line between techno and dubstep, balancing straight-ahead hi-hats with staggering bass syncopations. The track's centerpiece is a long, winding lead played on what sounds like a conch shell, but the authority figure here is a wide-open rimshot that bangs down like a judge's gavel, as if mooting the whole techno-vs.-dubstep argument.

In a genre that has been hit heavy without the ability to perform live shows Komyoun's passion leaks through the speaker and shows his dedication and craftsmanship.

You can stream Komyoun's music on Soundcloud and pre-save "The Process" now.


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