Johnny the Hobby Artist - Planet Suicide

Going into summer, everyone is looking for their next up-tempo track that they will have in rotation for the coming months. When looking for something fun, energizing, and entertaining, look no further than the new single “Planet Suicide” from solo artist Johnny the Hobby Artist aka JRS3, out of Fort Worth, TX.

JRS3 provides a unique blending of sounds that gives the listener a constant shift of entertainment. The track is very dynamic is the changes in effects and sounds that leaves one guessing for what is coming next. With a mixture of piano loops, raw and pure drum play, and splashes of other sounds and effects, this record truly sits outside the box of standard records and is driving within it’s own lane.

The creative control JRS3 shows on this track is outstanding with the experimental use of sound and vocals together. Artist should always be looking to push the envelope with creativity, and JRS3 shines with brilliance on this track. With a very compelling video to go with it, the record is captivating and engulfs the listener into JRS3’s mind.

Although the track has a message of the world ending and planet suicide, the record provides a contrasting sound that one can not resist vibing with. With the song currently available only one Youtube, the record with be fully released on streaming platforms on June 1st as we head into the hot summer months. With this record under the belt for Johnny the Hobby Artist, we can only hope for the world to not end, and more creative content to this level in the future.


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