John Riesen - You're The Best

If you have been visiting here long enough, you know our love for genre bending / blending songs. John Riesen’s latest track blurs those lines perfectly with a blend of opera and pop. On “You’re The Best”, John creates a unique track that offers a breath of fresh air to the listeners ears. With smooth piano play and a hypnotizing violin syncing in the background, the landscape is perfectly set for John to shine vocally. The vocal performance John Riesen puts on in this record is elegant and captivating as every note is crisp, full, and truly heartfelt. The raw emotion of what John felt in the creation of this track can be felt throughout. The best music seems to always be created when true emotional intent is put behind it, and John executes beautifully here.

It is not often we find such raw and pure songs to the extend that “You’re The Best” has, as this track is a pure diamond. John Riesen has the skill and ability for a long lasting career in music and will continue to shine as time goes on, and we are excited to follow and watch as it unfolds.


The origins of the song was provided to us from John himself:

"This touching, heartfelt song was written 20 years ago by my father, Craig Riesen, for the passing of his mother (my grandmother). I recall its conception vividly. My father had written a letter saying many of the things he'd wished to say to her (as we knew she was dying from cancer), and soon after she passed away. He was heartbroken. I remember him sitting in the living room, with tears rolling down his face as he began to play this simple, sweet, and longing melody. Soon, words came flowing out with the tune, and this song was created. At the time, I could not sing. I was still an avid baseball player, but as the years passed and my vocal talents became apparent the song was passed from my father to me. I get chills to this day, recalling how it felt to say goodbye with song. Needless to say, "You're the Best" has been an important part of my life for many years, and I believe that it can touch other people in the same way that it has touched my heart. We all have experienced loss or nostalgia for our loved ones, and this piece pulls at those strings. Originally composed for piano and voice, we have expanded the instrumentation to add solo violin, electric bass, slight percussion, and synth to fill out the texture. It is a truly special song."


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