Joe The Bluesman - I Was Born American

If you haven’t heard of Joe The Bluesman you can thank me later his new song “I Was Born American” is an excellent display of craftsmanship. What standouts to me as a listener is the words he uses to describe his content. It can be overstated the level of awareness and talent it takes to talk about popular topics in a new way but Joe handles it well and makes it seem effortless. 

In today music space there are so many carbon copies and recycled lines and phrases so its very refreshing to hear someone use a wider range of analogies and vocabulary to express their sentiments. The combination of his voice, word play and production creates a listening environment, one that is unique. When the music comes on the listener has no choice but to conform to the mood of the music. Often people will play music in attempt to fit the vibe of the room or the people they are with. Sure, Joe’s music can do that but its impact is in bringing the listeners into his world. 

Reasons To Listen: Joe The Bluesman writing is top tier. The way he writes songs allows the listener to view situations that have been spoken about before, but from a complete new perspective. 


Stream his new Song here on all platforms and follow Joe on Facebook to keep up with new releases.


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