Joe Hodgson - The one that got away

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

As many artists do, Joe Hodgson used music as a real escape from his everyday circumstances. For Hodgson, music was more than a way to obtain riches, successes, and notoriety. It was a way for him to express himself without judgment and that free-flowing expression is evident in his music.

Growing up in rural County Tyrone, Northern Ireland during The Troubles, he was initially inspired by Irish blues-rock legends Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore. With such high standards for craftsmanship, Hodgson had no choice but for his talents to land amongst the stars and they do. Instrumental music is rare, especially on our site. We often get artists who try to overwrite their songs with complexity and for that reason, we turn those down. But Hodgson seems to have mastered the craft of less is more and talent is everything.

Less is more sounds good only when the talent can execute. It's evident from the start of his works the amount of time he has dedicated to his craft and regardless of what genre of music you listen to his talent alone can be appreciated.

Because Hodgson's newest release "The one that got away" is a song without vocals the listener can really appreciate that emotional roller coaster that the song takes you on. With nearly four and a half minutes of music, the listener is engaged from start to finish. Another feat that is hard to accomplish in the day of microwave music and short attention spans.

Joe Hodgson's  'The One That Got Away' releases everywhere Aug. 28 but stream the teaser here:


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