Jakes End - Take From Me

New Yorker Jakes End displays his most vulnerable thoughts of himself on his new record “Take From Me”. The U.K. produced record is dark of life that many would prefer to brush under the rug. Jakes end battles inner demons in plain sight on this record and while the inspiration for a record of this type comes from a dark place, its truly a breath of fresh hair to hear something real and authentic to the duality of life itself. 

Jakes End is not only a recording artist, but a producer as well. Although he did not produce this record and instead collaborated with a producer out of the U.K., his producing skills are still on display as he find the perfect melody to deliver his message. However, if Jakes End decided to make more music with this producer, I don’t think any of his fans would object. 

The song is dramatic, heavy hearted, and draining. Overall, its an emotional involved song. While many artist are looking to drop a summer hit record, Jakes End took a different approach with his latest single. This objection to the status quo may pay dividends for Jake, as its makes his song inherently stand out with no extra effort. 


Stream Jakes End's "Take For Me" here and follow him on Instagram to follow what is next.


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