In a genre that is ever growing, Netherlands-based producer HOPEX is a leading face in the expansion of the electronic genre. While there are many producers coming up who show a variety of skills and potential, HOPEX gives fans of the genre a taste of the total package. When looking at the full catalog of productions by HOPEX, three tracks really seem to stand out and showcase the full pallete of skill in his toolbelt.

The first track that caught my attention was “Insanity”, a track that begins with a smooth female vocal sample full of reverb that hypnotizes the listener from the beginning. As the vocals fade and the instruments build up, the record attacks with a blast of energy, of which every listener should be anticipating. One would thing with electronic music is the perception that it is built with just a bunch of build ups and drops, but there is a level of expertise that HOPEX does this with, with seamless transitions, perfect blends of vocal samples, and strong instrumental distribution.

The two other tracks that were found to be impressive were “Inferno” and “Everything”, two tracks deeper in his roster of records, with timeless capabilities. “Inferno” is energetic and smooth at it’s peak with the use of saws when peaking. The lower ends and build ups are dark and enchanting which were found to have a very appealing mystique. “Everything” is a more traditional electronic record with strong use of synths and kicks. What separates this track from others is the countless transitions and variation of samples and effects. It really all starts from the beginning with the brilliant use of snares to start it off. While the kicks are rather consistent throughout, the samples and effects breathe new life at every turn.

While there are a plethora of producers on the rise, HOPEX not only totes the talent and skills, he has also built up a VERY impressive resume of performances of the years. In the past year alone has racked up performances at ADE in Amsterdam, Trapped, and in Lyon for over 10,000 people. HOPEX has reached a point now of generating over 500,000 streams a month on Spotify and 300 million views/plays on Youtube, with adds from playlisters like Trap Nation, Trap City, and Showtek’s Favorites. With gaining support from artists like R3HAB and LNY TNZ, HOPEX is more than just your average producer, he is becoming a household name.


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