GLAMWAY - Feel (No More)

A unique culture is continuing to grow stronger within the electronic music world with great producers being discovered on a regular basis. In the next wave of producers that are ready to shine, look no further than Latvian producer, GLAMWAY.

While electronic music production is ever increasing, so does the challenge of finding truly unique and powerful music of its own within the genre. GLAMWAY is levels ahead of the community of creators, with clean mixes, crisps production and engineering, and flawless creations from start to finish. Finding flaws within a track of his, is relatively impossible as they are masterfully pieced together, each one individually tailored and crafted.

With a unique taste for tracks with groovy bass, percussion, and synths, GLAMWAY creates music that has strong dynamics and layers to it. Listening to GLAMWAY’s new single “Feel (No More)”, you capture the full arsenal of skill that he possess. Staying on brand to his taste, the record has strong bass lines that flow elegantly with a uniquely blended use of synths. The builds up and drops are not over the top, as they smoothly transition from one layer to the next. What stood out to me was the use of drums and snares about halfway through the track that are bit off beat, but done in a professionally experimental style.

As a record that caps out at around 2 minutes, this record has substantial replay value to throw on repeat and let it ride a few times over. With records like this on his resume for GLAMWAY, is not just the future, he is becoming the present.


Want more on GLAMWAY, you can follow him on Instagram: @Ilarioglamway


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