Ghost Eyes - Ritual (Ft. MC Lars)

Starting off the year on a high note, Ghost Eyes soloist, Moe Aslin has released a new genre bending single featuring MC Lars. The two artists come together very nicely on this track with a strong mix of punk/indie/hip hop vibes. What I enjoy is the true instrumental sound that is provided on the track and not just a beat created on a laptop. Live instrument recording provides such a more authentic and live sound to a track. While the instrumental provides a great energy to the track, what takes it to the next notch is the combination of singing and rapping. The best artist will take chances and try new things, and I like the risks taken here with a punk song featuring some rapping. A personal favorite is the utilization of pitch on doubled vocals that adds depth and variance to a set of vocals. Some artists tend to use it incorrectly and miss on the opportunity to create a unique sound with it, but this song nails it.

Like with any growing artists, there is room for growth but the talent is there and the willingness to experiment and take risks are both very positive signs. In a world that is saturated with music and artists, more are needed that take risks, try new sounds, and styles. With continuous growth, expect to see more and more from Ghost Eyes, Moe Aslin.


Moe Aslin is a solo artist from Longview, Washington who's roots originate in punk and moved to more indie. Inspiration stems from his family and friends. You can see more on Moe / Ghost Eyes on Instagram: @Ghosteyes_band


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