Flawlisz - Wanted (Review)

One of the most reliable and consistent tandems in music is Flawlisz and TIJO.

The two artist based out of Rockford, IL collaborated on Flawlisz’s project "Lucid" in the song “Wanted”. Flawlisz’s steady paced bars full of ambition are the backbone of the verses which is accompanied by an unapologetic melody from TIJO.

Wanted is more of story and then it is a song. Yet, Flawlisz's technical rapping ability is on full display in the verses. The production from Hxxdy, provides Flawlisz with space to operate.

The two artists really do a skillful job of controlling the pace of the song despite the beat remaining mellow and laid back throughout. Flawlisz’s flow toward the second half of the first verse catches the listener of guard only for TIJO to bring them back to earth on the hook.

A pleasant up and down listening experience.

Flawlisz is a member of the creative collective Almighty Scraper Gang Scumbag Mafia World Wide. You can listen to his music on any streaming platform or purchase it anywhere music is sold.

To find out more about Flawlisz follow him on Instagram at Flawlisz33


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